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RT @dodo: These men play “mom” to orphaned baby elephants — they even sleep with them and tuck them in at night ❤️ (via @dswt)

@Deepapremkumar hmm... Did not appear doctored. But yes, it may be out of context. I acknowledge that. Will delete the original tweet.
@tdinkar @raj2569 Hey no need for apologies please. It's just my OCD
@msirsiwal suggest you delete this tweet. All personal details still visible.

@free_thinker @AltNews
Heights of stupid. This is why I remain unconvinced about the Congress with Rahul at the helm.
@raj2569 @tdinkar I must say I am glad that I am not the only one bothered by this. I too got hung up on the fact that it's a leading space.
This is fantastic! A gamified version of what happens in America.

Thoughts & Prayers: The Game -

#NRA #GunControl
I am now back on @Firefox as my default browser, both on Desktop and Android. Feels like being back home!
RT @_TheSeaning: Sun / Jupiter / Earth size comparison

For me @Twitter was about getting quick & concise information. 280 characters has ruined that. I don't have time to read through paragraphs!
@neiltyson I don't think so. I think deer heaven is just like here on Earth, except there are no humans. Not. One. Human.
@pocketcasts How do you know that? Most of them might not have installed the Wear version simply because it's virtually useless.
Android Oreo Picture in Picture Mode is super cool! And useful too.
RT @seemay: The graphic definition of Word: Irony. Otherwise, a tough word to explain

Ok. Can't sync Contacts data from my CardDAV server to my @Windows 10 Laptop. CardDAV just isn't supported! Not happy
Some really good ideas in there for a few more essential emojis. How haven't we already thought of these?
RT @scott_kerr: Still, the greatest tourism poster ever made

I remain unconvinced about Rahul as PM. But he's a good foil to highlight Modi & the BJP's often extremist ways.
RT @polysmind: Rahul Gandhi - Respect BJP as they are an expression of India.

Narendra Modi - Cong is a termite to be exterminated.
Spot the difference
RT @souravchunder: @karunanundy managed to make the BJP spokesperson to say "India is a Hindu Rashtra".. these are dangerous signs.. pluralism under threat..
@pocketcasts @PlayerFM I would have thought that a paid app like @PocketCasts would be more responsive.
So, this is technically possible! So I wonder why @PocketCasts and @PlayerFM have ignored this for so long!
RT @AisiTaisiDemo: Aao mitron tumhein sikhaayein...

1. National Anthem ki izzat
2. Tirange ki izzat
3. Vande Mataram ki izzat
4. Swac…
@whoisvaibhav I think there is. How else are the people in the IT team supposed to meet their innovation KPIs?
But the consequence is probably the opposite as users will try new apps and hacks to get rid of that irritating icon on the top. @Android