About my site

About my site


I have been asked multiple times by various people why I have created this site. I have built this site simply because it interests me. The site is to showcase some of my hobbies.

I believe that you cannot nurture a hobby unless you showcase your work. For a busy IT professional such as me, it is always easy to let hobbies get by the wayside and die, with the excuse that I do not have time. Showcasing my hobbies in the form of a website gives me the motivation and enthusiasm to keep working on it — it forces me to find time for my hobbies. How long this will continue, only time will tell.

This website is about my two hobbies:


1. Writing (read Blogging):

I started blogging in 2006 in an attempt to force myself to do something other than work. It isn't that I have something against my work — I enjoy what I do at work — but I always thought that I need to be more than just work. If someone should ask me what I am, my answer shouldn't be just limited to my designation at my workplace.

As I started writing, I realized that I can actually be good at it and all I needed to do was to cultivate the hobby. Hence, I continue to blog and hopefully, I am getting better at it. Only you, the reader, can tell.


2. Photography:

I have always been interested in photography. I first started clicking photographs using my Dad's Yashica SLR Film Camera. To be honest, at that time I was more interested in the number of buttons, knobs and levers on the camera than actually getting good pictures. I enjoyed pressing the click button and then pulling the lever to make the film advance.

I wasn't great at photography, but my Dad always encouraged me to use his rather expensive camera to go and get those shots. As a result, I did keep clicking almost everything I could find around me. But things changed, when on a school trip to the Chitradurga Fort I clicked a photograph that came out beautifully. I even won first prize at my school photo contest for that shot. I was hooked!

In this website, you will find a My Pictures section, where you will find many of the more recent photographs that I have clicked using one of my two Digital cameras.


I need your inputs, comments and criticisms to make my website better. If you have any comment, please feel free to enter it below. You could also put your comments either on my Blog or against my Pictures.

If you feel there is a topic I can write about or if you have an idea on making better photographs, please feel free to leave a comment.


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The thoughts, ideas and opinions that have been presented in this website are mine and mine alone. I have put them up here in my personal capacity and they should not be construed as statements from my employers or clients.

In my blog I write about political, social and technical subjects. These are based on my experiences and the research that I have done by reading on the internet and interacting, discussing and debating with colleagues, friends and others. You will find my blog posts subjective, since that is what they are meant to be — they will mostly contain my opinions. They are not expert thoughts or statements.

Please don't expect me to accept liability if you use the information provided in this website and encounter problems or unexpected outcomes; I will not do so. Any information, artifact or opinion provided in this site is provided without any warranties.