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When was the last time you truly opened your heart out to someone? Chances are that it was quite a long time ago. I feel that we are now in a time when all of us strive more than ever to be "politically correct".

Be in interaction with your colleagues, friends, relatives or even family, we see to it that what we say will be construed as the right thing. Whether we actually mean it or not takes second place as far as importance is concerned.

Oh Brother!

31 Jan 2007
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If you routinely scan the channels on the Tele you will see a kaleidescope of programming, each with its own flavor and catering to its own audience.

There will be others that are utterly tasteless as well.

Big Brother is one such program. It explores the depths to which a human being can descend to in his/her pursuit of materialistic gains. If you believe that there is limit to which any person can stoop to, you should certainly watch this program once or twice. It will shatter your beliefs about human nature; it will show you that humans are animals after all - some of the worst there ever can be.

This program is quite a hit in Britain. So much so that there is an Indian version now showing here on our screens - Big Boss.

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I would imagine that most of us in today's corporates have had pasts filled with fun, frolic, extra curricular activities, competitions and the like. Why then is it that we need someone to actually drag us out of our chairs to go and participate in a fun event being organized by our company HR?

Why is it that life has become all about work? Why is it that we cannot see anything beyond the commitments we have towards our professions? Where have we lost that creative streak that propelled us into competitions in our colleges?

There is no tomorrow

17 Dec 2006
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How many times have you said to yourself "I will do it tomorrow"? I surely can't answer for you but I have been guilty of saying that to myself almost everyday!!

I have been, and still am, a chronic procrastinator. I guess "I will do it tomorrow" is a way to assure myself that I am not being lazy and will take it up the next day.

"I am sorry" I said

20 Nov 2006
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November has been an unusually busy month so far and I have not been able to spend enough time on my blog. This makes me fear that this is going down the same line as many of my other "initiatives" that I picked up that eventually ended up by the wayside.

In any case, I have picked it up again and have finally been able to complete this post after a break of nearly 2½ weeks.

It was one of the many times when I had failed to spend enough time with my wife. And the words slipped from my mouth, "I am sorry" I said.

She looked at me, visibly disappointed but understandingly, and said "It is OK".

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Back in 1997 when Bombay was rechristened Mumbai and Madras became Chennai, I was puzzled. I asked myself why the politicians couldn't let the popular names be. Why the change?

Now I hear that my hometown is no longer Mysore - it is Mysooru. The Indian Silicon Valley no longer resides in Bangalore - it resides in Bengalooru.

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Reservation is a topic that I am quite vehement about. It is not only because I am not a beneficiary of this reservation policy, but also because I cannot really see the sense in the way it is being implemented.

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"Mujhe badla chahiye Sarkar" cries an old man. A command is given with a gentle glance and mere eye contact sets the ball rolling. The next thing you know is justice has been done - limb for a limb, life for a life.

For those of you who are fans of the Bachchans the above plot description may sound familiar. Yes, it is my attempt to describe the initial sequences from the recent Hindi movie "Sarkar". The power exuded by the characters in this movie, Subhash Nagre and later on in the film Shankar Nagre too, is simply phenomenal! The movie may be inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's timeless classic "The Godfather", but is the story believable in the Indian setting? Oh yes, very.

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The West Wing is one of my favourite TV shows. It is about the President Of The United States (POTUS) and the White House staff and what they go through in the course of their daily lives. The workings of the White House, at least as it is depicted in this show, really intrigues me.

However there was one particular episode the story-line of which, though obviously fictitious, disturbed me quite a bit. It depicted a "situation" being dealt with by the POTUS wherein India had just attacked Pakistan and the way the US dealt with it.


02 Oct 2006
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Motivation is a key ingredient to an individual's performance and subsequent success. Sans motivation, the effort can only half-hearted and the outcome mediocre.

I got the opportunity to see first-hand the performance of a demotivated team and I was taken aback by what the lack of motivation can do to an otherwise outstanding performer. A person whose innovative ideas and energy drove the entire team to strive for success, suddenly transformed into a sluggish robot going through the motions of the daily chore called work!