Comment Policy

Comment Policy


I welcome comments on my website. Infact, I solicit them. If you have some thoughts and would like to share them with me, please do leave a comment. It is relatively easy to leave a comment; under every blog and every picture on this site, you should see an input box for leaving a comment.

I initially had an open comment policy wherein comments entered on the site would immediately be accepted. But I soon noticed that the comments facility on my website was being used more for spamming rather than to leave genuine comments. I then switched to moderated comments but found that I was spending substantial time deleting spam comments! I have now implemented the Akismet Anti-spam service to filter out spam comments automatically.

Now, your comments will be screened using the Akismet service and become immediately visible if they are not deemed spam. At times, it is possible that the Akismet algorithm mistakes a genuine comment for spam. In such cases, you may have to wait for me to logon to my website and approve your comment. Not to worry, I do this almost on a daily basis. Hence, I should get to your comments soon enough. If you see that your comments aren't published for quite some time, either I am on a break and haven't been able to approve your comment or you have spammed my website and I have simply deleted it.

Here are some points you need to avoid while leaving comments:

  • SPAM: If you intend to leave a comment to simply link it back to some website selling some stuff, don't bother. They will not get approved and I will simply delete such comments. I will also trace the IP through which such comments were left and prevent that IP from accessing my website in future.
  • Indecent or Abusive Language: Don't use swear words; don't use abusive language; don't get personal. I don't tolerate unnecessary profanity on my website and will not approve comments that are abusive or profane.
  • Unrelated banter: If you do choose to leave a comment, please make it relevant to the topic of the blog or the picture. Please don't use my comment board to discuss some unrelated topic that just happens to be mentioned by someone else. If you need to reach me to discuss something, my contact page is a good place; please don't leave comments on some blog-post with the sole objective of reaching out to me.

If you have not been abusive, haven't spammed and have commented something relevant, but still don't see your comment published, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to investigate what happened to your comment.

While my website does not make it mandatory for you to enter personal information such as your Name and Email address while entering comments, I encourage you to let me know who you are and how to get in touch with you; this is purely so that I am able to get back to you should I need to discuss your comment. If you have concerns regarding your privacy, please see my Privacy Policy.