Oh Brother!

31 Jan 2007
Posted by Kiran

If you routinely scan the channels on the Tele you will see a kaleidescope of programming, each with its own flavor and catering to its own audience.

There will be others that are utterly tasteless as well.

Big Brother is one such program. It explores the depths to which a human being can descend to in his/her pursuit of materialistic gains. If you believe that there is limit to which any person can stoop to, you should certainly watch this program once or twice. It will shatter your beliefs about human nature; it will show you that humans are animals after all - some of the worst there ever can be.

This program is quite a hit in Britain. So much so that there is an Indian version now showing here on our screens - Big Boss.

Why would such a tasteless program have such a huge viewer-ship. Why would the general public so enthusiastically accept crass such as Big Brother? I have spoken to multiple people about what they feel about Big Brother and the general consensus has been that it was a really lousy program that degrades not only those who participate in it but also those who watch it. But still we continue watching it and gaping at the eccentricities of those who are stupid enough to live their private lives in public view.

I believe that these programs are designed to cater to the insecurities each one of us holds close to our chest each day. Somehow looking at those idiotic clowns making fools of themselves on public television reminds us that there is someone out there who is worse than ourselves.

I can't find any other explanation for why this program should be such a big hit.

I was truly shocked to learn that Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty had decided to participate in the Celebrity version of this show.

Later came the news of racism against Shilpa. To be honest, I did not have even an ounce of sympathy for her at that time. In my opinion she'd brought it upon herself. If you have seen the program even once you'd know that normal people do not participate in it. It is full of crazy eccentric characters from God knows where! If you are going to plonk yourself in their midst you'd better be ready for a rough ride; there is no use shedding tears once inside.

If she went into the house thinking that she would be greeted with open arms she was either very stupid or very naive.

The Indian media also shares in this stupidity. Such stories are always treated as "Front Page" material. I was amazed by the air time that was afforded to the Shilpa episode by Indian news channels.

In one such news program I saw Shilpa's conversation with "Big Brother" in the "Diary Room". I was horrified when she said she hoped all Indians were proud of her since she was there to represent them. Wow! What an act!!

Please Shilpa! You went into the Big Brother House for money; it is plain and simple. Now that you have won it, please accept the gains and move on. For God's sake leave India and Indians out of this.

India has a lot of achievements that we all can be proud of, but, this is certainly not one of them.