Where is that spark now?

13 Jan 2007
Posted by Kiran

I would imagine that most of us in today's corporates have had pasts filled with fun, frolic, extra curricular activities, competitions and the like. Why then is it that we need someone to actually drag us out of our chairs to go and participate in a fun event being organized by our company HR?

Why is it that life has become all about work? Why is it that we cannot see anything beyond the commitments we have towards our professions? Where have we lost that creative streak that propelled us into competitions in our colleges?

I have noticed that when people first join the companies fresh from colleges - the "freshers" as we call them - they have all the enthusiasm in the world to go out there and shake a leg. You will find them very active in sports events, extra curricular activities, etc. I myself organized a tournament or two when I was a fresher. However, as we spend more and more time at work, that streak fades away. We become more focused on work and only work and give less and less importance to anything else. I have noticed this change in myself.

Maybe I am speaking for everyone here and I shouldn't, but I would like to believe that I am not the only one experiencing this decreased enthusiasm.

How many of us, for instance, actively pursue a hobby? I am sure there are those who have active hobbies; but I can count such people on my fingers. For the rest of us, it is usually about weekday work and the weekend chores. For some it may be weekend work as well! As we go along the journeys that are charted out by our professions, we seem to lose sight of the scenery that is passing us by.

A few of my friends recently visited me. My wife and I took that opportunity to go out sight-seeing with them. We visited some of the sites in and around Mysore and spent some really fun time together. However, what struck me was how much I enjoyed seeing those places. Having friends with us was obviously an added bonus. But, just going to these "tourist places" in and around our hometown was in itself a welcome change - we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

I like to think of myself as an avid photographer. However, I have rarely been able to go out and get some good pictures these days. As I mentioned earlier, life has become routine now.

When I did go out with friends last weekend, I took the opportunity to click a few snaps here and there. I soon started missing my SLR Camera, which I had not carried along. This experience basically served to remind me that all I needed to do was to simply hop on to my car and drive to some place around town and click pictures.

Pursuing a hobby isn't all that difficult. We simply make it so by being too stuck on a routine.

Unless we make an effort to be creative and pursue those creative interests that each of us may have, the creative streak within us is bound to fade over time and eventually die out! Then we will have only ourselves to blame and somewhere down the line we might end up ruing what we have done to ourselves.