Surrey Hills...

18 Jun 2009
Posted by Kiran

Travel has been a passion for both wife and I. However, life back in India is usually too busy and tiring that we rarely venture out. Travelling usually only means visiting relatives or attending functions.

Life in UK is quite different. Here, we usually have a network of close friends that we cling on to. Here is a group of similar aged people all with similar circumstances, interests and needs.

We too have such a network of friends. The fun part of having this circle of friends is the spontaneity it brings into our lives. For instance, there have been numerous occasions wherein friends have just dropped in and we've ended up planning something fun together. One such plan that we executed recently was a trip to Surrey Hills.

As usual this plan of ours was a very spontaneous one. The previous night we had no clue that we would be going on a drive the next day. The plan "just happened".

So two other couples and us, together with our children, hopped into two cars and headed off. SJ did some "googling" before we started off. All we had were two postcodes, RH5 6AA and KT20 7LB, and two cars fitted with GPS Navigation systems.

Thanks to technology and the well laid out maps available in the UK, we felt it wouldn't be too difficult to get to our destination. However, given that we had done little or no research and the that the two GPS systems in the two cars were giving differing routes, we soon were going the wrong way. What was really amusing was the GPS System desperately telling us to "Turn Around as soon as possible"! Our intrepid drivers continued on disregarding the advice and we were soon lost!

To add to the confusion we soon realized that our preparations were incomplete - we had brought along what we thought was a complete picnic kit to make sandwiches: bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, sauce, ketchup, the whole Shabang - but no knife!

While SJ and HK, the two drivers, took time to deliberate where we had taken the wrong turn and the girls were ruing how they could have forgotten the essential piece of picnic kit, I took some time to click some shots which I considered interesting.

On our way to Box Hill

Our first stop was Denbies Vineyard. When we did finally get there the trip seemed worth it.

The place in itself doesn't have too much to offer other than a very pleasant scene by the hillside. What is more interesting is the acres of grape vines growing in the place.

You shouldn't go here if you want to have a great frolicking picnic. But if you enjoy a serene countryside and lots of open air and space along with a unique experience of walking between grape vines observing the greenery and the tiny grape buds, this place is the one for you.

Very tiny grapes
Having a stroll through the vineyard
The Vineyard

After clicking a host of photographs here, we then set out for Box Hill.

I must mention at this time that the drive to Box Hill itself is an exhilarating experience. The road is equally scenic and its a pity we couldn't stop more for photographs along the way.

Nevertheless, the final destination did not disappoint. Our destination was Box Hill.

This location affords you a fantastic view of the green scenery below. To the right you will see the Dorking Cricket Club Stadium; we could see some match in progress. Again, this is a spot you can visit for its pristine beauty more than anything else.

Being in the company of such vastness of nature, you can't help but feel reminded how puny we are in the grand scheme of things. I am not an emotional person, but Box Hill can be quite overwhelming. Having got bored of the usual shots looking straight at the subject, I tried my hand at getting some photographs from what I thought were unique angles.

A view from the top
Dorking Cricket Club
Play Time!
At Box Hill

After taking in the sights that Box Hill had to offer, it was time to call it a day. But not before our friends prepared some delicious sandwiches for all of us to gobble up. As I'd told you earlier, we had forgotten an essential piece of picnic kit - the knife! However, we got innovative and improvised our way. It wasn't necessarily the most hygienic sandwich I have eaten but boy it was delicious!!

The drive back home was a quite one. It mostly reminded us all how tired we all were - something that hadn't occurred to us all whilst taking in those sights. It was a spontaneous plan that led to a beautiful experience and a great day.

If you get the chance, do take the time to visit Surrey Hills. It will be worth your time.