10 of my favorite photos from 2009

01 Jan 2010
Posted by Kiran

In the year 2009, I have had many opportunities to click, what I thought were, good photographs. Hence, it might be a good time to look back on all those photographs and select my favorites.

Here are the photographs that I consider my favorites. You can click on the image to go to the original gallery where the image was hosted. Feel free to provide a rating for the image in its gallery and leave a comment.

Branches covered in Snow
Snow in Croydon, February 2009
Snow in Croydon, February 2009

This photo was taken in February 2009, when Croydon was heavily snowed in! We had nearly 20-30cm of snow in those two days with temperatures plummeting below zero. Trains were disrupted and I was forced to work from home.

Though I faced quite a lot of disruption and had to work two consecutive days from home, the snow also transformed our otherwise not-so-special neighborhood into a white paradise! It was beautiful.

I took this shot while looking out of the window; I could see the bare branches of this tree being almost weighed down by the thick layer of snow that had accumulated on them. I have taken several shots of roads, cars, walls, etc. covered by snow. However, in this one I wanted to focus only on the branches of the tree. I really like the way the branches seem to form a white texture all across the shot.

A view of Rome
A view of Rome
Looking back at Rome from a residence in the Vatican

In March 2009, we went on a week-long trip to Rome, Pisa & Venice in Italy and Barcelona in Spain. During this trip I got quite a few pictures, some of which came out very good.

Among the good ones was this picture of Rome that I took from the roof of one of the residences that belong to the Vatican. The residence is actually outside the Vatican boundary but still territorially belongs to the Vatican. We had the opportunity to go into the residence and on to its roof thanks to an acquaintance who works there. I went on to the roof and took this shot looking back at the city of Rome.

Though it was very sunny it was still extremely windy and cold!

Stained Glass Painting of Mary & Jesus
Stained Glass Painting of Mary & Jesus
Mary & Jesus - Stained Glass Painting

This was a shot I took within the Vatican Museum of a Stained Glass mural depicting Mary & Jesus.

The mural was positioned appropriately against a window through which light was streaming in so as to illuminate the painting. I set my camera to "No Flash" and took this shot.

Looking back, this certainly stands out as one of the better shots I have taken in 2009.

The Vatican at Twilight
The Vatican at Twilight
The Vatican at Twilight

We had just completed a very tiring day at the Vatican, what with all the exhibits to view and the walking to do. The splendor of the place just took our breath away and we came out physically exhausted but emotionally exhilarated! Vatican is an experience you must have to believe.

Looking back at the Vatican dome as we were catching our bus back to our B&B, I saw it fading into the twilight. That is when I took this shot.

What I really like about this shot is that it not only has the grand dome of the Vatican silhouetted against the twilight sky but also the twigs from the bare branches of the trees in the foreground. The whole setting gives a very unique feel to the picture, I believe.

Venice at night
Venetial Canal at night
Venetial Canal at night

This is a shot I took next to the Rialto Ferry stop in Venice. We had ventured out in the cold Venetian night in the hunt for good photographs; and that is just what I got.

This shot was taken using a tripod with the camera set very close to the ground looking at the canal and the lights on the opposite bank, through the wooden piles that are used to tie boats.

Using no flash and a very low speed, I think I got a fairly good shot, don't you?

Segrada Familia
Segrada Familia
Segrada Famila

Segrada Familia is a temple in Barcelona, which has been under construction since 1882! It was designed by Antoni Gaudí. It is said to be his unfinished masterpiece!

Though the building is still surrounded by cranes and construction work is progressing in full-swing inside the temple, it is still worth visiting.

The temple stands 170m tall. Given that the building is surrounded by busy roads, getting a full length shot was challenging. I took this shot from a park opposite the temple using a 17-55mm lens. Hope you like it.

Kids playing at Box Hill
Kids at Box Hill
Kids at Box Hill

In June, 2009 we undertook a trip to Surrey Hills. I have already written about this trip earlier. After a long break for my camera, I finally got a chance to take some shots again.

I took this shot lying flat on the ground while some kids played with the grass on the hillside. They were oblivious to what I was doing and continued on with their game.

I like the angle in this shot, which I think is quite unique, and also the fact that I was able to capture the two kids in the middle of their game in a very natural pose.

The West Wittering shoreline
West Wittering shoreline
West Wittering Shoreline

In August 2009, we decided to make hay while the sun shines — literally! The sun was shining bright and the weather was beautiful. We decided to make good use of it while it lasted and set out for a trip to the West Wittering Beach.

It was a great day for photography, the light was great and the water was clear; it made for some very good shots.

Unlike the beaches at Brighton, which are mostly pebble beaches, the West Wittering beach had quite a lot of sand. Hence, we were able to play and even build a sand-castle.

While walking along the beach I noticed the few pebbles that littered the beach, each one reflecting the sunlight creating a beautiful sight. Wouldn't you agree?

Serpentine Road in Hyde Park, London
Serpentine Road in Hyde Park, London
Serpentine Road in Hyde Park, London

November 2009, a friend and I decided to go to Hyde Park in London to click some photographs of the Autumn colors. When I went to the park I soon realized that I was late — the autumn had already come and pretty much gone!

I did, however, manage to get a few shots of golden leaves and the ducks swimming on the Serpentine as the sun set on it.

Here is one shot which I found interesting. This is of the Serpentine Road in Hyde Park. The road is lined on both sides by colorful leaves and golden trees — makes for an interesting view!

Flowers at Hyde Park
Flowers at Hyde Park
Flowers at Hyde Park

In Hyde Park, I also found some very beautiful flowers growing by the wayside. I decided to take a closeup shot of these.

Here is the resulting shot. The shot captures the color of the flowers beautifully!


Nice Shots

Nice shots Kiran. When do you want to go on the next photographic expedition?


Thanks George. We should probably plan on another journey around spring time. It will be interesting to capture the sprouting buds and early flowers.

Excellent! indeed these all

Excellent! indeed these all are great pictures.

Thank You!

Thanks for the comments Pradnya

Love all the photos Kiran.

Love all the photos Kiran. But the best four of these are Stained glass painting of Mary and Jesus, Vatican at twilight, Venetian canal at night and Children at Box Hill. These are really innovative shots.

Thank you

Thanks for the comments! Yes, I agree that the photos you have mentioned are special.

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