Shooting Snow

07 Jan 2010
Posted by Kiran

Croydon, the place I stay in London, got nearly 6 inches of snow today. As was expected train services were disrupted with only minimal services running this morning.

Given that on a normal day I take an hour and half to get to work, I decided that it was best if I worked from home today given all the snow-caused disruption. The morning was fairly busy with emails pouring in as usual. However, towards the afternoon, the load tapered off giving me some time to nip out of the house and click some shots of the snow covered neighborhood.

Here are some of the shots that I got today.

Snow collects on a leaf
Snow collects on a leaf

The first thing that I noticed when I stepped out on to the snow covered porch was the snow that was layered over each twig and leaf of every tree in the courtyard. I took this shot of the snow that was collected over one of the leaves as the snow continued to fall.

Snow on the buds
Snow on the buds

Here is a closeup of the buds on one of the trees in our courtyard. The trees were all but bare with only twigs with tiny buds at the tips. Each twig and each bud was covered in white, making it a very beautiful sight.

Lloyd Park in White
Lloyd Park in White

A friend and I then ventured further out towards a neighboring park hoping to get some more interesting pictures. And, we weren't disappointed!

When we reached the otherwise green Lloyd Park, we found it had been clothed in white! The snow was still pelting down on us and we weren't sure if it was a good idea getting the cameras out of the bag. When I saw this line of trees though, the concern for my camera was gone! I took this shot taking whatever shelter was available under an equally bare tree.

Lonely sit-out
Where's the Football ground?

While at Lloyd Park, we observed the lonely goal posts in the middle of an otherwise indiscernible white. Lined by white topped houses on one side, this football ground presented a very interesting view of how snow brings life to a standstill.

Football anyone?

Cotton buds
Cotton buds

Here is a picture of what can easily be confused to be cotton buds! As we ventured into a trail lined by trees on either side we noticed the way the snow had accumulated on the shrubs. Made for an interesting shot.


If you like these shots, you may want to check out the rest of my photos from today in my picture gallery. Take a look and let me know what you think. Don't forget to rate the individual photos and provide your comments.

Great pictures! gives clear

Great pictures! gives clear idea of Croydon in Dec/Jan. I am sure old and new Croydon gang would love to see this.

Yes, certainly!

Yes, I am certain folks who have stayed in Croydon before will appreciate these photos.

Nice pics!

Harsh pointed me to these pics. Very well captured.


Karthik, thanks for your comment. Yes, I was discussing the snow with Harsh today and mentioned the blog to him.

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