An approach to creating Google+ circles

02 Aug 2011
Posted by Kiran

Ever since Google came up with their latest challenge to Facebook in the form of Google+, there has been quite a lot of buzz about this new Social Networking platform.

Having been a person who wasn't too kind to Facebook, Google+ had the two qualities that made me decide to try it out:

  1. An ability to control your data; Google call this Data Liberation
  2. An ability to control what you share and with whom; Google call this Circles

Google's Circles feature has generated a lot of buzz as well as confusion. While Google has started off each one of us with a few suggestions for the circles we can organize our contacts into, I have seen numerous other websites also providing their own insights.

I thought, why not share my own insights as well! So here goes…

How to put contacts into Google+ Circles

Click to Enlarge

I put this approach down mostly in jest. Please take it with a pinch of salt :)

Leave your comments on what you think of it.

You actually created this

You actually created this flow diagram for managing the contacts in G+ ?? !!!! Hats off .... !!

It was more for fun

Hi Vilas,

I am glad you liked it. I created the flow more for fun than to manage my G+ contacts.


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