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Staying safe online

06 Dec 2009
Posted by Kiran
I recently wrote about the dangers posed by the Internet. From spam email clogging up your mailbox to malicious crooks trying to gain control of either your computer or your identity, threats can materialize in a variety of forms. Safety can never be over-emphasized when carrying out transactions online. However, in today's scenario staying safe is also complex and often difficult.

I have personally struggled with many of such issues, made many mistakes and also been gullible enough to fall prey to Cyber-thieves selling fictitious goods. However, I have learnt from these mistakes and, over time, have developed practices that have helped me be a little more secure. While I cannot guarantee that these steps will keep you safe all the time, they will certainly help:

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I have never been good with Kids. If I am to be honest, I have always viewed them as a nuisance that had to be tolerated. To a certain extent, babies and young kids intimidate me. Their behavior and emotions are a puzzle to me - things I just couldn't get my head around. I never could understand why young children insisted on bawling at the top of their lungs in a crowded bus or plane, in the dead of the night, making life hell not only for themselves and their parents, but also for everybody else around.

Kids, for me, have always been people to be kept at one arms length if not more.

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It was in July 2009 that we heard and read the news that the Indian High Court had struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code as unconstitutional, effectively legalizing homosexuality in India. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was an old piece of legislation handed down to us from the British Raj. The British started the process of legalizing homosexuality back in 1967; however, we Indians still carry the notion that individuals need to be policed to ensure that they lead every part of their private lives as per the general diktat of the majority!

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Sometime back, I wrote about how we should be prepared to say "No". Well apparently that made for interesting reading for a colleague of mine who is from Eastern Europe. She immediately pointed out that saying "No" was second nature to people elsewhere on the globe. However, for Indians it seems like a big deal. She went on to say that when Indians commit to doing something, it usually cannot be relied on. We Indians tend to say "Yes" to everything, even when we aren't really sure of being able to deliver on that commitment.

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I am a great fan of doing things online. It is fast, convenient and easy. An online bank transaction can save you all the time and energy that would otherwise be required to go to the bank, wait in queues, deal with often unfriendly bank staff to get your job done.

Over the past few years, I have been consciously moving all my dealings online wherever possible. While online, I can purchase goods, make investments, track my investment portfolio, pay my Insurance premiums, check my bank balance, pay my telephone bills; I can pretty much do it all. I recently renewed my Indian car insurance sitting here in London - all online without having to travel back to India, provide a cheque or physically meet an insurance agent. My Dad, who is kind enough to take care of such stuff for me, did not have to be bothered with this one either.

Keeping India safe

07 Aug 2009
Posted by Kiran

Last weekend I took some time to watch two of Indian Cinema's finest actors, Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah, together in a very intriguing film

A Wednesday! starts off with the Mumbai Police commissioner (played by Kher) receiving a call from a supposed terrorist (Shah). The terrorist informs him that 5 bombs have been planted around Mumbai and unless four extremist masterminds are brought to a specified location, thousands of innocent lives would be lost - a typical scenario of terrorism holding the state to ransom.

Google Wave

26 Jul 2009
Posted by Kiran

Recently while browsing Slashdot I stumbled upon a story about something new from Google. Google Wave is a new paradigm/product/protocol/service from Google and I just looked at their developer preview video hosted on YouTube. It blew me away!

Here is the video if you want to view it. I must warn you though that it is very long - 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Edit (18-Aug-2010): Video has been removed by Google.

The Healthy Choice

27 Jun 2009
Posted by Kiran

In the year 2003 I had been deputed to work from Mangalore for a while. During this stint at Mangalore, I was pulled into participating in a collage competition. The theme was based around Health and Healthy living.

We came up with quite a novel concept affirming "Health is a Choice". The basic message we tried conveying was that it was up to each individual to choose a healthy lifestyle.

I used to be a lot fitter back in 2003; I still remember I could simply run up the stairs and reach the top flight without having to pant like a dog. I took pride at my fitness level. I have also been one of the thin and tall, lanky fellows who never would have to worry about weight. At least, that is what I thought at the time.


Surrey Hills...

18 Jun 2009
Posted by Kiran

Travel has been a passion for both wife and I. However, life back in India is usually too busy and tiring that we rarely venture out. Travelling usually only means visiting relatives or attending functions.

Life in UK is quite different. Here, we usually have a network of close friends that we cling on to. Here is a group of similar aged people all with similar circumstances, interests and needs.

We too have such a network of friends. The fun part of having this circle of friends is the spontaneity it brings into our lives. For instance, there have been numerous occasions wherein friends have just dropped in and we've ended up planning something fun together. One such plan that we executed recently was a trip to Surrey Hills.

As usual this plan of ours was a very spontaneous one. The previous night we had no clue that we would be going on a drive the next day. The plan "just happened".

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It has been a very long break for me. I guess I just got tired of writing for a while. I went into the old writer's block mode and did not quite find myself in the mood to write or even think about anything.

During this time, quite a lot has happened as well. The best of it was when Savi happened to me. Savi is the name of my daughter who was born two months back. She is a beauty, a princess!! (“Savi” means ‘sweet’ in my mother tongue – Kannada)

I have always wondered how it would be to have a kid. Another human being who is one part you – your creation! I know now. My life has changed after Savi. It has changed a lot and I don't regret these changes. Infact, I am enjoying them. Each day I spend quite a while talking to my wife about how Savi is getting along and what we are going to do for her. My personal life seems to now revolve around her and I am enjoying the merry-go-round.