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CPU and Swap usage very erratic on Ubuntu. Windows on the same machine runs perfect. Not really sure what's causing the Ubuntu misbehavior.
My Ubuntu installation is running slower than a snail. I have certainly done something wrong. Most guides say 256 MB RAM should be enough.
My weekend was certainly not this bad.
Partitioned my home computer and installed Ubuntu. Converted it into a dual-boot system. Looking forward to trying it out now.
New Blog Post: The liability of a civilized society Please RT
Don't really understand why people would try to gain twitter followers this way. What is the point?
Have you turned this Facebook Privacy setting off? Please check again and confirm.
Has anyone seen detailed analysis of differences between Android Eclair and Froyo? All I have come across are basic comparisons, no details.
A good read. RT @briankrebs: Confused about all the Facebook privacy options? Check out my review of
Interesting article on how Facebook and other social networking sites can be used to hack into Company infrastructure.
Statistically air-travel is the safest mode of travel. I guess "statistically" is the keyword to remember.
Have been watching news coverage of air-crash; I really don't know what to say about it. 158 lives snuffed out. How do you make sense of it?
Thanks to the Google Pacman tribute, I find myself getting addicted to the game again! Have already tried it on the Google Logo many times!
RT @jasonhiner: Saw this Cold War era sign in restaurant. Instructions in case of nuclear attack. Excellent advice!
@vinodmishra Tried SlideMe briefly. Didn't see as many apps there as on the market though; word is it's getting better. Look forward to it.
@vinodmishra I cannot change system level settings; cannot install software that isn't on the market; cannot access paid apps; what's open?
@vinodmishra When I say "open ecosystem", I mean for the user not the developer. I pay for a phone; I should be able to do anything with it!
@vinodmishra I've been watching Froyo with interest. But the fact remains: Android, as yet, is not as open an ecosystem as they claim it is.
@vinodmishra Fair enough. However, with WinMo 6.x I wouldn't need to flash a custom ROM to install stuff into my SD card.
@vinodmishra I mean the kind of access I get on WinMo 6.x. To do that on Android, I need to root the phone and that will void my warranty.
Now that I've had my Desire for a while, I've begun to wonder what enables Android to claim that it's an open ecosystem similar to WinMo 6.x
RT @deepakshenoy RT @kaushikgala: Socialism v. Capitalism
Just back from a tiring but fun-filled day at Innovative Film City in Bidadi near Bangalore. Great fun!!
RT @BDUTT How ridiculous: MPs to not pay toll on national highways. Gives mai-baap whole different meaning. Baap-ka-paisa hai kya ki hamara
How many of you think that the WebM project will really be able to dent H.264's dominance?
I agree RT @PaulOBrien I know the name was democratically chosen and all that, but @htc should've called the Wildfire the Desire Mini. ;-)
Time-zones can be a very confusing yet fascinating concept! It is today here but yesterday elsewhere and perhaps tomorrow someplace else!
RT @TechCrunch Is Firefox Headed Towards A Massive Decline? Its Co-Founder Thinks So - by @parislemon
@whoisvaibhav Welcome to India :) Exactly how I felt when I first landed
Don't understand why @htc introduced the Wildfire; it already has two great phones: Desire & Legend. Where exactly does the Wildfire fit in?