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Not sure it will work well in India though. RT @rammedury: Awesome idea! I'm blown away! RT @sriperinkulam: Making dai...
This is hilarious. RT @ShashiTharoor: haven't seen Avatar but this is hilarious - (via @raagwasgood)...

@vinodmishra How exactly can the average reader differentiate?
I actually find it unbelievable that somebody could dislike ad-blocking or think it's wrong! @whoisvaibhav Fundamental difference in opinion
Have a lot of negative energy in me these days; seem to get pissed off with almost everything. Need to get back to my positive thinking...
Internet censorship in India; you can't live without it, you can't live with it! -
A very cold start to the New Year with temperatures in London near freezing!
@prshntmv Which Broadband are you on? My parents are having a hellish time with BSNL
@prshntmv Would love to see some of your more recent photographic experiments.
An interesting write up on code comments and the general practice we follow day to day -
More reasons to be alert with online transactions in the new year -
Had been to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, London. Got some interesting shots, take a look: Please RT if you like it.
Just re-themed my website. It now has a new feel. Have a look at and let me know what you think.
New Blog Post: 10 of my favorite photos from 2009 Please RT if you like it.
Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. Let 2010 be the year we start making our dreams come true.
Tried OpenOffice, only to come back to MS Office each time. Calc can't match Excel yet. MS still thinks OO is a threat:
Need to get my Canon 40D DSLR serviced. I just hope it is still within Warranty.
@rammedury Am looking forward to readng more about this trip. As a photography enthusiast, I would've loved to go on such a trip myself!
Call me a late adopter but I just started using GIMP. Wow! It is powerful, and free too! Do I really need Photoshop if I have GIMP?
Saw 3 Idiots - very entertaining and touching movie. It's about following your heart and not just going about the grind for the sake of it.
Merry Christmas to one and all.
You may have already seen this. Very innovative Google Chrome ad videos at
Hilarious. Keep an open mind though. RT @twilightfairy: :) RT @suryasnair This is how you convert NSFW to SFW :)
A very good article on India's strategy when it comes to Afpak -,8599,1945666,00.html
Just how Open is Google willing to be? An interesting post -
Interesting story about backdoors inserted by programmers in Kraplakistan/Kerbleckistan/whatever -; anyone encountered this?
The arrival of a younger sibling causes psychic damage to the first-born - If true, I must apologize to my older sis.
@rammedury Hey Ram, can you include me in any of your future plans such as this? I would love to join on such expeditions once back in India
Just finished reading the book Freakanomics. The author brings an interesting perspective into things we otherwise mostly take for granted.