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Italy creating laws that will make YouTube accountable (and liable) for content uploaded by its users
Amazing how MNS & Sena hold the nation to ransom through political goondaism! A democracy of a billion, but toothless against petty thugs!
Implemented Akismet antispam service on my website. Now, just need to wait and see how effective it is.
Some interesting reads at, particularly liked and
Thanks for that @vinodmishra. Have put it up as an update on the Blog
New Blog Post: Please advice Please RT if you like it.
Veified by Visa & Mastercard SecureCode used widely in UK and now entering India, but aren't as secure as we'd think!
No sense in retweeting @ShashiTharoor! What's the chance that the 40 people following me aren't already among the 638409 following him?
Had a guy ranting at me about f***ing Indians & our elephants! 3½ years in London, this is the first time I've experienced anything racist!
Just 1411 tigers left in India! Save our tigers! Join the Roar.
Interesting, but not sure if this'd really work in my town! RT @ShashiTharoor RT @ishaantharoor: the zero rupee note
I can't use Firefox to view the YouTube HTML5 beta. The reason: Firefox doesn't include the h.264 codec. Here's why:
Makes you think if Online Privacy is really a myth though! RT @briankrebs: how far you'd go to get your iphone back?
Deleting cookies may no longer be enough! You can be tracked just by the browser configuration you use! (via @slashdot)
Increasingly concerned about Google & Privacy. Use the Google Toolbar? Must read & (via @slashdot)
Certification time again. Downloaded 734 pages worth of study material! Now, only if I could take 20 days paid leave to go through them!
Interesting post; more so the comments! RT @deepakshenoy RT @vishalgondal Social Media #FAIL Wipro TCS Infosys -
Beating spammers in their own game. I would really love to see this becoming reality. (via @slashdot)
A very unique way of looking at things, wouldn't you say?
@vinodmishra Yes, I heard that too. Haven't installed it yet though. Will try it.
Personas is cool, but has no functional value. I hope FF developers did not devote too much time on it. Chrome a very real competitor now.
Upgraded to Firefox 3.6. Most addons as yet incompatible; got'em working with manual updates, except IETab. Not sure if I'll miss it though.
RT @paulocoelho: 12/01 If you want to fulfill your dream, start now. Don't wonder whether you can do it or not
@rammedury Sure will do. Currently I am using Drupal - a PHP based CMS and love it
@rammedury Just for the heck of it! I love scripting; PHP is a fantastic and powerful tool. Python can add to my arsenal :)
@vilastorgal Thanks! Yes both Jaipur and Delhi are fantastic places; different kind of grandeur in these two cities. Takes your breath away!
Uploaded digital scans of my photos taken in Jaipur & Delhi, clicked in 2004 using my Film SLR - &
@rammedury I intend to start off on either Python or Ruby. They seem to be interesting and powerful. I learnt PHP 2 years back and love it!