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@rammedury Yes, I agree. Online advertising has gone too far and Ad-blocking gives readers a tool to fight back.
@whoisvaibhav Ad-Blocking: My latest blog post provides a different perspective Tell me what you think.
New Blog Post: Ad-Blocking: A debate about ethics
@virsanghvi Your website disallows the "Alt" Key! Very annoying alert when I use "Alt-Tab" to switch windows; I don't have permission?! Why?
These day there have been frequuent occasions where I have regretted not having my camera. Planning to carry it along to work from now.
The Facebook addiction and how some youngsters have been compelled to do something about it. - - via @economic_times
Why has Firefox 3.5.6 stopped playing videos embedded from YouTube? Any ideas?
Why am I not surprised? RT @slashdot: Firefox 3.5 Now the Most Popular Browser Worldwide
@whoisvaibhav The danger with this can be tiny droplets that tend to form in Compressed air. Ever faced that problem?
@i_r_squared I would've probably do the same thing Sirjee. But that still doesn't make it right.
@i_r_squared I read this news on Metro; it did not say what happened to the read robber. If he was let off, then that is bad indeed.
@i_r_squared I can understand why he could've been irrational. But there have to be boundaries you shouldn't cross. What he did was illegal.
@i_r_squared Well then, we disagree there. If a guy climbs into my house, I have the right to drive him out; not to climb over his.
@i_r_squared What would've been justifiable is if he had caught and handed him to the Police. But that wasn't the intent here; revenge was.
@i_r_squared Agreed he was traumatized. But to gang up on an already fleeing robber and beating him up black and blue? Not justifiable.
@i_r_squared @deepakshenoy Not in the house! He chased the robber fleeing down the street and then beat him up! There is a difference.
Went Paintballing this morning, an interesting experience. Hurt my knee in the game though and only now am realizing how bad the pain is :(
Swiss Geologist on trial for causing earthquake! I did not know this can be done by simple drilling - Human Influence!
@vinodmishra Have a good time.
Following @whoisvaibhav - He writes about technology and photography - two things I am really interested in! #FF
A very interesting article on how to get retweeted -
Finally a plan to have SLAs for Government Officials with penalties for defaults. If this is true, it is about time!
The London winter is upon us...Brrr!
Don't assume your data is safe with social networking sites you sign-up for! Some can be lousy in protecting the data!
@whoisvaibhav Good point. Though I am still unconvinced that you can equate Ad-blocking to stealing. If content is precious, restirct access
@whoisvaibhav While I agree AdBlockPlus goes against the business model of the Internet, it give users leverage against uncontrolled ads
@whoisvaibhav The two are extreme views. Leaving choice to the authors will make pesky popups and unwanted cookies the order of the day!
@whoisvaibhav Interesting thoughts. Have you read Ads, even when necessary, can be a nuisance. We need a middle-ground
Tried Thunderbird over Outlook a while ago; didn't notice any advantages. I dislike the lack of PST support. Is Thunderbird v3 any better?