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@prshntmv I agree. Unfortunate. What did you do? Crack the screen?
@whoisvaibhav Perhaps @deepakshenoy can give you some pointers. When is the baby due by the way?
@whoisvaibhav I'm not from Gurgaon, so don't know myself. Do you have Shopper's Stop nearby? Mothercare in SS is good if you have one.
TweetDeck keeps missing RTs done using the new RT feature from Twitter. Plan old RTs show up in the Mentions column, but the new RTs don't!
@chuongvision Fair enough. I am a Canon follower for pretty much the same reason. I can't think of switching to Nikon or anything else now.
A very insightful and personal note on Asperger's Syndrome -
@chuongvision Why Pentax? Why not Nikon or Canon? What are the features in the Pentax K7 that you liked?
@prshntmv I heard it will be close to the price of the Laptop itself; is that true?
Have been trying Chrome extensions. It's a good start, but they are nowhere near the maturity or refinement achieved by Firefox extensions.
@deepakshenoy Sorry, I don't understand. So does this mean that starting April 2010, long term capital gains will be taxable?
@deepakshenoy Yeah! And how about death tax? You'd have to pay the Government to die!
Ordeal complete; at least for the time-being. Cleared certification. Now I can breathe for next 5-6 months. Then it'll start all over again!
@deepakshenoy Heard Long Term Capital Gains tax will be back. Do you know if that is going to happen? I need to sell my shares if it does.
Not that it really matters. But how many of us can recall the 7 layers of the OSI model by heart? Ever tried it?
@deepakshenoy Personally, I feel the background color of light blue makes it a bit dull. You could try some colors having better contrast?
@deepakshenoy Compared to Less cluttered, Good. Could have consistent look-feel for About and Forum pages.
This ones is good. RT @chuongvision: This one made me chuckle a little:
Disappointed to see that @htc did not announce a successor to the Touch Pro 2 at #MWC 2010. Was really looking forward to seeing Touch Pro 3
@vinodmishra Does the Sense support a full PIM sync from Exchange? Desire & Nexus One are not exactly the same.
Lots of speculation, little fact on the forums at No point having such a site without easily available answers!
Was seriously thinking of getting the Nexus One. But the fact that it isn't available in UK and this really killed it!
Twitter substitutes well for IM! Just had a full conversation with one of my mates, wished him Happy Birthday and spoke; all on Twitter!
Is Online Privacy dead? (via @slashdot)
It's crazy! I am expected to read through 7 large documents, including hidden notes, and then recollect all of it verbatim during the exam!
Cramming 750 pages of material for a useless but mandatory certification. More I do this, angrier I get at being subjected to this torture.
@prshntmv Laptop screens are very expensive to fix. Unless, you're within warranty & prove to their service that it's a manufacturing defect
@vinodmishra And, I will wait for more reviews, device profiles and Android 3 to come out before taking any kind of call
@vinodmishra That is true. However, I am more focused on the functionality; it's OK as long as all activities I usually perform can be done.