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@vinodmishra So what exactly is different to #Android when compared to WM?
@vinodmishra Is it #Android that makes HTC Hero a good phone or is it the HTC Sense UI? Do you know how it compares to Touch FLO3D?
Focusing on a person's negative qualities can make you hate them. But I can't help it when the qualities present themselves time and again!
Big B to host Big Boss 3? - Would that be an unwise decision! Why denigrate the Big B brand by endorsing such crass?
Cute & sweet kids, who routinely misbehave and don't have even an ounce of discipline, can be extremely irritating and unpleasant to be with
Digging through my Recycle Bin in the hope of finding a doc I deleted some time back. No data lost, just feeling lazy to type it out again.
Justice in India? Eh, sorry, what is that?
@vinodmishra That is true. Though I would still prefer chin-less design. Playing with a friend's Hero and find myself warming to #Android
@vinodmishra I thought you would disagree with me and I was right. I personally feel the chin looks like a swollen jaw!
Missed my train today. Hence, spending the first hour of the day working from home....and listening to the non-stop chatter of my daughter!
Following @epicretold; the Mahabharata retold from Bhima's perspective! Never thought the great Indian epic could have me hooked like this!
Can't understand statistics. How can a link I added be clicked by 14 people while only 8 follow me? Anyone forwarding my links?
Reported a malicious website that was detected neither by Google nor Firefox at; they removed it from search in 2 hours!
Look at They keep track of objects which can potentially impact earth in future. Interesting and possibly scary stuff!
@BrandonMiniman To be honest, I like the phone better without the chin. I saw a picture at @vinodmishra your thoughts?
Have you noticed how one story consumes all Indian news sites? A few days back there was nothing else other than Swine Flu. Now it is YSR!
Interesting story - seems to me as though the Supreme Court itself is now appealing against a ruling!
Everyone wants to work at the "strategic" level. However, how can work ever get done without the team getting down to the detailed level?
New Blog Post: With Indians, push a bit more
Sometimes I wonder, why teams are so disconnected within themselves. We seem to be lighting fires only to end up fighting those very fires!
Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise are simply brilliant in this movie!
Watching "A Few Good Men" on Channel Five. Some movies remain as exciting no matter how many times you've watched them!
@ayyappadas Very nice points about learning. Now all I have to do is put some of them to practice! Easier said than done eh?
RT @BrandonMiniman: RT @TechnoBuffalo: bill may let Obama shut down the internet in an emergency situation...
@vinodmishra I too wanted to make it to Lake district this weekend. But I started my booking too late; no accommodation available now :(
@vinodmishra perhaps you can share your anti-spam secret with me?? I have just stopped short of blocking all emails from ICICI.
The ICICI Group insists on sending me SPAM all the time! I really don't know how to get them to stop and they know I cannot escape them.
@BrandonMiniman That is because IE is much safer and all that safety has to be downloaded : )
Everybody is tweeting these days!! RT @TIME: The hot new tool for British police? Twitter. |
Internet Explorer has been found to be the safest browser by a study - Yeah right! Talk about taking users for a ride.