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Where is the line between religion, spiritualism and superstition? I don't think I am superstitious but visited an astrologer with my wife!
There is always a gap between what the older generation expects and what the younger generation delivers - it's called the generation gap!
Met my team at Mysore. Catching up with long time teammates & meeting new ones, being able to put faces to voices you hear daily, its good!
Half of my vacation is already done! Just 5 more days and I catch my flight to London. Time flies, especially when you don't want it to!
Great read!! RT @Infosys: Blog: Invest in a girl, and she will do the rest! #sustainability #HalfTheSkyTues
Have had quite a busy day. Now to wind it up with a late-night game of scrabble!
Just visited the Circus. Some acts were amazing; others were just crass. In all a unique experience. I remember I used to enjoy this stuff.
The problem with buying electronics or software is that six months down the line there is inevitably going to be a newer version available!
Back from another shopping spree. My wife finds it easy to justify buying of clothes in Mysore, compared to paying £s for clothes in London!
These may be very small and almost trivial gestures, but such actions illustrate the innovative energies that reside within Google.
For those who missed it - this is the Google Logo that was displayed yesterday

I intended to close off quite a few things in India whilst I am here. Having a hard time prioritizing which ones to take up first.
Google paid homage to the Mahatma on his birthday yesterday -
Met up with my sister after 2 years! She is among the few people I can rely on for a very honest & unprejudiced tete-a-tete! Its great!
Wow! It is 11 PM India time and my daughter is asleep! Her body clock seems to be finally back to India time. That was a long jet-lag!
@vilastorgal Yes I am. But the person having the most fun is my daughter. She is making full use of being with her grand-parents!
My daughter is heavily jet-lagged. She refuses to go to sleep until very late in the night! How can I reset her body clock to India time?
The festive lighting during Dasara really adds to the grandeur of Mysore. I have seen it many times before & it still takes my breath away!
Checked up on the 83 unread emails that had accumulated in these 2 days. Now, going out to enjoy the Mysore Dasara lights and some shopping!
@vilastorgal Congratulations! It is indeed one thing less to worry about.
First tweet from India. Arrived here on Saturday night and was offline for two days! Internet at home wasn't working. Just got it fixed!
Leaving to India tomorrow on a 2 week vacation. There is a lot of preparation to do before I leave and no time! Vacations causing stress!
Saw a Boeing 747 landing at Heathrow today. The 747 looks majestic and beautiful. The Airbus A380 I saw yesterday just looked bulky and big!
Would you pay me to cleanup my own backyard?
#ICICI really sucks!! Can you believe it? They are asking me to change my email address so that they don't send me any more SPAM email!
Some consolation for the time wasted this evening: saw the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 landing as we passed Heathrow! That plane is huge!
Wow! Finally free from the traffic jam. The bus is moving now. Can't believe I spent one full hour twiddling my thumbs on the bus tonight!
Hundreds of vehicles lining up on the road with their engines on idle! Imagine the amount of fuel wasted, the pollution due to traffic jams!
Just got out of office. Now my Bus is stuck in one massive traffic jam. I am told the police are doing some census! Wow! That is helpful!