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On the London-Bombay flight and my daughter already thinks she can be independent! Look at her sitting single.
@vinodmishra Thanks! Finally took your advice.
Purchased a HTC Desire last weekend; now playing around with it. Not got used to the keyboard, but otherwise love the phone! Good Bye WinMo!
@mkota Yes. Flying out tomorrow. Should be in Mysore on Wednesday night.
Just as I prepare to leave London the weather turns fantastic! Arrgh! Never thought I would be upset about glorious London weather!
The amount of stuff you accumulate in the course of 2 years is simply amazing. We are having a tough time getting rid of all that now!
@sumeetkhosla But are his composing days over? I sure do hope so
Wonder what ever happened to Anu Malik. Is he still around?
New Blog Post: Isle of Wight Please RT
@sumeetkhosla Social networking should be about notifying/sharing. And that Twitter does well. FB adds too many frills making it very heavy!
Interesting video comparing running speeds of a normal person vs pros
Mattel is introducing a version of Scrabble that will allow use of Proper Nouns as words. I think that is a bad idea!
@sumeetkhosla Though Twitter is primarily for micro-blogging, it's also used for social networking. It's also much lighter and easier to use
Is Twitter cooler than Facebook? I don't use Facebook, so can't comment. What do you think?
India counting its billion. How many of you are comfortable providing biometrics to the Government as part of Census?
Just back from an amazing trip to the Isle of Wight. Had a great time despite having to attend to work related calls and reply to emails.
@manu_karanth Yes I am. Should be back in two week's time
This, I wasn't expecting! #AprilFool? RT @pocketnowtweets: This just in: Microsoft announces WP7S to be open source
There MUST be a more efficient way of processing emails. Brought down my Inbox count from 350+ to 36; but it took me nearly all day!
Whoa! Apple all the way!! RT @pocketnowtweets: Windows Phone 7 Series Won't Support Replaceable Batteries
April fool! RT @vinodmishra: Google changed name to Topeka & launched animal translator #Aprilfool
RT @pocketnowtweets: iPhone 3GS vs Android: 5 Things Android Does Better
In the age of smartphone ubiquity, do we realize the security threat these devices pose with regards to identify theft?
@divya_karanth Sure she'll get used it; doesn't have a choice. But it'll be tough! She's spent two thirds of her life in London until now!
Trying to get my 2½ year old daughter prepared for the eventual move back to India. She's going to miss her home and friends here. Tough!
@manu_karanth Congratulations! That is called "learning the hard way" :) I am sure you'll be more careful next time.
Facebook tweaking their Privacy Policy as they toy with new ways of reducing the privacy of your data -