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@vinodmishra The program was on More4; it ran from 10 to 11 PM tonight
Anniversary of 26/11; I'm watching British program about the day. Why isn't there such brilliant programming in India about Indian events?
People all around me seem to be making more money than I am and faster than me. I like making money. Now, I have to figure out how to do it!
I love Wireless tech such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Charging is an issue. Seems we'll soon have wireless charging too!
Got a song from Hindi film "Tum Mile" stuck in my head! Realized I was humming it out loud like an idiot, when I saw folks staring at me!
9/11 suspects plead not-guilty on "justification defense"! I can't imagine a valid justification for mass slaughter.
Just got on to a very crowded train at Clapham pushing past two idiots who wouldn't move an inch even with loads of people trying to get in!
How often do you err here? RT @BrandonMiniman: Dear world: please understand the difference between "its" and "it's"
WinMo v/s Android seems to be hot topic! Here is another interesting, albeit clearly biased, comparison favoring WinMo:
MS & News Corp against Google. The big guys ganging up on the small guy or the small guys ganging up on the big one?
I agree! RT @jasonhiner: I'm boycotting Twitter's RT feature. They over-thought this. Should have just adopted what the community was doing.
Some trouble with OpenDNS and my company VPNs; a bit of Googling got it working today! But still can't get my Sky router to use it directly!
Just implemented OpenDNS ( for my Home Network. At first look, I am impressed! Need to explore it a bit more though.
Very interesting indeed! RT @deepakshenoy: Just saw and downloaded the software. Pretty cool stuff, gotta review
A very interesting write up on Google's disruptive "less than free" Business Model -
RT @deepakshenoy: Appropriate jacket: Karkare's "bulletproof" jacket: [WTF? Who approved this p...
@vinodmishra I'm sure you'll relish this story! RT @jasonhiner: Windows Mobile loses nearly 1/3 of its market share: ...
Google's language isn't the only one called Go! Researcher Frank McCabe apparantly has been using that name since 2000!
A larger version of the winning Doodle4Google can be seen at along with many other submissions.
For those who missed it - the Logo that was online for the whole of Children's day (14-Nov)
Check out today to see the winning Doodle4Google entry from India. The theme was: "My India"
A Mayan legend says World ends on Dec 21st, 2012. "Should we be worried?" asks Natgeo. If the whole world ends, what's the point worrying?
This is not something I am used to seeing! Firefox most vulnerable!!
@vinodmishra But Symbian has never got recognized as a Smartphone OS, has it?
This one is sure to spark a debate! Is Android following WinMo? Is it successful because of the model MS invented?
RT @jasonhiner New post: "How Google became the George Washington of the Internet"
Go: a new programming language from Google! I am not sure though, if we really needed another language right now!
New Blog Post: The parenting journey!
Are the days of the US Dollar numbered?