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Whoa! Apple all the way!! RT @pocketnowtweets: Windows Phone 7 Series Won't Support Replaceable Batteries
April fool! RT @vinodmishra: Google changed name to Topeka & launched animal translator #Aprilfool
RT @pocketnowtweets: iPhone 3GS vs Android: 5 Things Android Does Better
In the age of smartphone ubiquity, do we realize the security threat these devices pose with regards to identify theft?
@divya_karanth Sure she'll get used it; doesn't have a choice. But it'll be tough! She's spent two thirds of her life in London until now!
Trying to get my 2½ year old daughter prepared for the eventual move back to India. She's going to miss her home and friends here. Tough!
@manu_karanth Congratulations! That is called "learning the hard way" :) I am sure you'll be more careful next time.
Facebook tweaking their Privacy Policy as they toy with new ways of reducing the privacy of your data -
@mkota hmmmm... Looking forward to it. Even if it is an excuse to begin with :) So, I guess I will have to make do with GPRS until then.
Are 3G/HSDPA data plans available on Mobile networks in India? Looked at Airtel and couldn't see anything interesting.
How many colors are you aware of? This one is real funny :)
Are you taking your online presence too seriously?
Is there life out there? RT @paulocoelho: 27/03 The universe only makes sense if you can share it with someone
An interesting way to lock a folder on Windows. Don't forget to read the comments :)
@divya_karanth Hmm... That is interesting. Same place, same office? Or is this a whole new assignment?
@divya_karanth Did not know you were back in the US. When did you leave? And when will you be coming back?
I found this hilarious but at the same time touching.
Do you know the ungooglable man?
This guy has got it all figured out as far as finding his camera is concerned! Real funny :)
Interesting thoughts. RT @rammedury: Posts On The Rampage: Revenue vs Profit = Vanity vs Sanity
I've had doubts about using Google Products and looks like @jasonhiner has too:
New Blog Post: Why the Windows Phone isn't exciting Please RT
@deepakshenoy I agree. I deleted my Orkut account a couple of months back. Did not see any utility at all.
Totally agree! RT @rammedury: @kiranjholla i agree with you.. what we need is a lifestyle change.. not symbolism
@whoisvaibhav Maybe, but with streetlights off? I think the emphasis is wrong; it should be on curtailing wastage rather than genuine usage.
Simply Amazing! RT @whoisvaibhav HOLY COW - this is a totally different level of commitment to wildlife photography:
I am not sure I agree with the concept. What do you do? Sit in the dark? RT @whoisvaibhav: I have signed up for