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Beating spammers in their own game. I would really love to see this becoming reality. (via @slashdot)
A very unique way of looking at things, wouldn't you say?
@vinodmishra Yes, I heard that too. Haven't installed it yet though. Will try it.
Personas is cool, but has no functional value. I hope FF developers did not devote too much time on it. Chrome a very real competitor now.
Upgraded to Firefox 3.6. Most addons as yet incompatible; got'em working with manual updates, except IETab. Not sure if I'll miss it though.
RT @paulocoelho: 12/01 If you want to fulfill your dream, start now. Don't wonder whether you can do it or not
@rammedury Sure will do. Currently I am using Drupal - a PHP based CMS and love it
@rammedury Just for the heck of it! I love scripting; PHP is a fantastic and powerful tool. Python can add to my arsenal :)
@vilastorgal Thanks! Yes both Jaipur and Delhi are fantastic places; different kind of grandeur in these two cities. Takes your breath away!
Uploaded digital scans of my photos taken in Jaipur & Delhi, clicked in 2004 using my Film SLR - &
@rammedury I intend to start off on either Python or Ruby. They seem to be interesting and powerful. I learnt PHP 2 years back and love it!
RT @deepakshenoy: Today's big surprise comes from how much Linux/Python/Php have moved ahead on the web. And How less relevant MS is.
This says it all! Our "Public Servants" actually think they are "Kings of the Public" -
RT @tinybuddha: "More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin." ~Unknown
@BrandonMiniman I a surprised you say that. I've always found Firefox much more stable compared to Chrome
How alert are you while at the ATM? Look at this and maybe you'll start thinking again about your practices -
An interesting interview with a Facebook employee about Privacy - - (via @slashdot)
Interesting study on passwords. Question is, are these studies having any impact at all? Are users changing their ways?
It will be interesting to see what this means for MySQL! RT @bbctech: EU approves Oracle's takeover of Sun
@vinodmishra So does this mean that you are switching back to your Nokia from HTC Hero?
Maharashtra Government going to prevent Indians from other states working as Cab drivers in the state. Can they do that? Is it Legal?
With news of IPv4 running out and IPv6 being the future, ever wondered what happened to IPv5?
Has Firefox reached its peak? Is it downhill from here? Can it face up to the might of the two biggies - MS & Google?
@BDUTT Totally agree! On one hand we speak of how relationships should be improved and then we don't extend basic courtesy! Ridiculous!
No bids for Pak players in IPL3? It's about playing good and making money, isn't it? Doesn't seem logical to leave out players like Afridi!
A very interesting article by @virsanghvi on the string of controversies that dogged @ShashiTharoor.
RT @NickStubbs: Some amazing imagery entitled "Fire and Ice"...
RT @chnmanish RT @Gauravonomics: Work is such a distraction when you are happy.
@whoisvaibhav I'd say "Writing an email". We now do everything online; typing is merely the action of input, writing is the creative process