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Has been a very busy day till now. Jumping from one meeting to another and then trying to get some work done in between!
Not sure what he set out to achieve with the detention drama but SRK has managed to make a Global fool out of himself -
How many of you are convinced about Twitter being a viable communication platform in the long term?
BJP seems to be intent on systematically getting rid of all the good leaders that it has -
RT @BrandonMiniman: RT @TechnoBuffalo: TB Throwback: Whoa! Check out what cell phones looked like in the 80's!
Funny how technology stumps the "Technical" guys time and again! I've been the guy alerting all about Outlook's quirks and I fall victim!
Opened an attachment on Outlook, made some updates, saved & closed it! Lost the updates anyway as Outlook doesn't auto-update attachments!
It is easy to unintentionally hurt people by abruptly reacting to situations. When the complete picture dawns on you it is usually too late!
@ShashiTharoor Reservations should ensure equal opportunity for everyone, rather than providing a backdoor entry for a select lazy few
@ShashiTharoor Is reservation correctly implemented in India? I see it empowering the SC/ST/OBC while depriving the equally needy Brahmins
@vilastorgal Hey, sorry I can't comment on the HTC Hero. You may want to talk to @vinodmishra - he owns one and seems to like it!
Added a few new photos I took in London a while back -
New Blog Post: The convenient yet dangerous life online
Should I buy a 256GB USB Pen Drive now? - Or, should I wait for USB 3.0 to come out first? -
@vilastorgal I agree. Good to see that Bollywood is coming up with some movies that are different. Original maybe not but different yes!
Just finished watching the movie Kaminey. Bollywood has changed quite bit: no more boy-meets-girl-and-dances-around-trees stories
Ah! Friday evening and am just out of office. Will probably be working over the weekend, but it still feels good.
RT @TIME: Tweeting the world's longest poem, 140 characters at a time |
Want to get Sokaled?? Read this -
RT @TIME: Getting real about the high price of cheap food |
Can't help but feel that the amount of media attention being given to SRK's detention is far more than that given to Dr. Kalam's frisking.
Can't help but feel that the amount of media attention being given to SRK's detention is far more than that given to Mr. Kalam's frisking.
@sardesairajdeep Does this mean that practising politicians should always toe the party-line? No free speech for them? No fresh ideas?
Missed my train again. Unfortunately, this is becoming a frequent occurrence for me these days. I am just not a morning person.
An interesting story on the best way to slow/stop Swine Flu
Do large organizations really see employees as their stakeholders? I have my doubts. More often than not, they are mere resources.
Email can be such a clutter at times. Really makes me wonder if it is a boon or a bane
Tradionally having been a BJP supporter, I am no longer sure if I would still vote for them, the way they are going -
A very busy day awaits me.
Catching up with old friends, even if it is only to say a brief "Hi", is such a pleasure!