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The need to stay alert and safe with your activities online can never be over-emphasized!
A cat with Swine Flu! How about that?
Good comparison of Android v/s WinMo 6.5 - Having traditionally favoured WinMo, I must say I am impressed with Android!
Firefox browser-share passes IE6 - IE still dominates, but will web-designers now stop assuming all users are on IE?
It's about how those who relentlessly pursue their dreams go through hell, but eventually emerge winners. It's about not giving up on dreams
Just finished reading The Alchemist. An interesting book - often obscure and difficult to contexualize - but interesting nevertheless.
Since the day I started working I have pretty much been an absent son. But now, it looks as though I am destined to be an absent father too!
I am watching a flock of birds flying to and fro almost endlessly, seemingly without any reason. Ever wondered what goes on iin their heads?
Reading a book for a change - The Alchemist. A very interesting quote from the book: There is only one way to learn; it is through action!
When people insist on being difficult, seemingly just because they can be, there is very little you can do to appease them. Why waste time?
Since I started tweeting, my blogging seems to have taken a hike! Need to get back to it sometime. I haven't yet found a good topic though.
Watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets. A fantasy movie - total timepass as they say. Not good if you're in the mood for serious cinema
The Halloween experience - a few kids Trick-or-Treating at my door; all were Indians but exposed early to Western Culture. How times change!
The Internet to go truly global in 2010 -
:) RT @deepakshenoy: - Got this from a friend - It happens only in India

What is it about deadlines that makes people twiddle their thumbs and while away time till the deadline is almost upon them? Then Rush!
The Internet is great! A wealth of information out there waiting for us to find it. But I wonder - what would we ever do without Google??
Sandra Laing - a story of a Black White woman in the midst of Apartheid. Very touching.
Hold off on your External Hard-disk or Laptop purchases. USB 3.0 just around the corner
@BrandonMiniman Apple comes out with anti-MS ads. But you cannot view them unless you have Apple QuickTime! How different is Apple from MS?
Only when my employer objected to me installing Skype on my Laptop did I realize that it was P2P! Read how Skype works
One more train crash Media is prompt reporting accident but doesn't bother following up on story to ensure improvement.
Ethical & Social issues when planning finances for sons & daughters. Would it be right to differentiate between them?
@vinodmishra Rs. 100 is not bad. I will probably try it out. Then again, I can't check office mails and Google Maps is almost useless there!
The Ambani war - I hold both RIL and RNRL and am a mute spectator into the drama choreographed by the Ambani Brothers
Had some work to finish off tonight before I went to bed. Had an old English movie, "Hopscotch", to keep me company. Hilarious movie!
@vinodmishra Exactly! I wonder if it makes sense buying a new smartphone if I am to head back to India soon. No cheap data plans there!
An interesting question came up on a chat with some colleagues this afternoon - are Smartphones any good without a good data plan?
BBC Blunders!! Here is a "job interview" that ended up being telecast live!
Have completed one week of "forced bachelorhood". The house looks like a true bachelor-pad now. My wife is going to faint when she arrives.