Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


I appreciate the need for Privacy and will not knowingly carry out any action that will compromise the privacy of the visitors to my website. Any personal data that you enter into this website is kept confidential and will not be sold to third parties or used for any commercial purposes.

On my site

On some pages you enter personal information such as your Name, Email Address and Homepage. While your Name and Homepage will be publicly displayed against the entry you have made, your email address is kept confidential and is only visible to me, through my site. I may make use of your email address to get in touch with you, should I need to discuss your entry.

My website stores some information on your computer in the form of cookies. This is basically so that I am able to manage your session data appropriately. You are free to disable cookies on your browser settings. Though this should not impact any major functionality, some minor functionalities of this website may be affected if you disable cookies.

My website captures the IP Address through which you have visited my site. This doesn't necessarily allow me to identify you personally. IP Addresses will only identify the locality from where the visitor has come to my site, unless I actually go to your ISP and request for this data. Trust me, your ISP will not hand such details to me and hence, you can rest assured that you cannot be personally identified. In any case, I do not store IP Address data for more than a week and will not use it to personally identify you.

I use IP address data to block those IP Addresses from where a high number of SPAM comments are left on my website, that is it. The IP address data will not be sold commercially to any third parties.

My Web Hosting provider

As is typical of almost any website these days, I too make use of a Hosting Service (a "Webhost") to host my website. This website is hosted on a Shared Server, which is maintained by my webhost.

All content on this website, including any details that you may enter into the forms on this website, is stored on the servers maintained by my webhost. It is technically possible for the employees working for my webhost to access, view and even modify this content.

Until recently, I was making use of YeahHost as my web hosting provider. On 23-Jul-2013, I moved my website to WebFaction. You should read their privacy policy if you are concerned about your data being stored on their servers and being accessible to them.

External content & services

As part of some entries and posts on my website, I may provide links to other websites; I do this mostly to provide you with more information about topics I write about on my website. You need to be aware that those websites are external to and do not come under the purview of this privacy policy. Please check the privacy policies of those individual websites before you submit any private information to such websites.

I also make use of the following services:

  1. Akismet: I use the Akismet Antispam service to weed out SPAM comments. You'll be amazed at the number of such comments that get left against blog posts. Hence, each comment that is entered into my site goes through the Akismet APIs and are scanned for potential SPAM. If a comment that is submitted to my websites is erroneously marked as SPAM by Akismet and I then submit it as a "False Positive", that entry may be stored on Akismet servers for a while in addition to my server. Please read the Akismet Privacy Policy, which is available on their website, to be aware of their privacy policies.
  2. Google Analytics: The Google Analytics service allows me to understand how my website is used and where my web-traffic comes from. It is useful for me to understand which content is popular and which is not. As part of the analytics service, Google may store cookies on your computer to better track the frequency of your visits and the content visited by you. The analytics data is also available to Google, but not to other third parties. Google Analytics and all other Google products are covered by the Google Privacy Policies.
  3. YouTube: At times I may link to or embed interesting videos hosted on YouTube as part of my Blog posts. YouTube and all other Google products are covered by the Google Privacy Policies.

Please also note that as my website evolves, so will its Privacy Policy. Do check back from time to time to understand the latest changes that may have occurred. The changes made to this policy is available in the change-log below.

If you have any privacy concerns that haven't been addressed in this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Change Log:
  • Linked to the privacy policy of WebFaction after moving the website to their servers.
  • Retained link to YeahHost privacy policy as well since the website was hosted with them before this date.
  • Added details of Web Hosting Provider and linked to their Privacy Policy.
  • Enabled comments on the Privacy Policy.
  • Added caution about links to external websites and that their content does not come under purview of this privacy policy.
  • Added details of services used on the website and their privacy policies.
  • Created Initial version of the Privacy Policy.