Please advice

02 Feb 2010
Posted by Kiran

The eccentricities in the English language has long been a subject of discussion, debate and even ridicule! English is full of similar sounding words, weird spellings and punctuation that, when in the wrong place, can alter the meaning of the sentence! While English and its eccentricities can throw off any newbie, even veterans at times fall prey to them.

This may look like a very trivial and even banal subject to blog about. However, having come across multiple instances where even seasoned veterans make mistakes in choosing the right words for their professional communication, I thought the risk of sounding repetitive was worth taking.

Among various instances of such mistakes in communication, the most common mistake arguably is the use of the phrase "Please advice"!

Posted by Kiran

Sometime back, I wrote about how we should be prepared to say "No". Well apparently that made for interesting reading for a colleague of mine who is from Eastern Europe. She immediately pointed out that saying "No" was second nature to people elsewhere on the globe. However, for Indians it seems like a big deal. She went on to say that when Indians commit to doing something, it usually cannot be relied on. We Indians tend to say "Yes" to everything, even when we aren't really sure of being able to deliver on that commitment.

"I am sorry" I said

20 Nov 2006
Posted by Kiran

November has been an unusually busy month so far and I have not been able to spend enough time on my blog. This makes me fear that this is going down the same line as many of my other "initiatives" that I picked up that eventually ended up by the wayside.

In any case, I have picked it up again and have finally been able to complete this post after a break of nearly 2½ weeks.

It was one of the many times when I had failed to spend enough time with my wife. And the words slipped from my mouth, "I am sorry" I said.

She looked at me, visibly disappointed but understandingly, and said "It is OK".


02 Oct 2006
Posted by Kiran

Motivation is a key ingredient to an individual's performance and subsequent success. Sans motivation, the effort can only half-hearted and the outcome mediocre.

I got the opportunity to see first-hand the performance of a demotivated team and I was taken aback by what the lack of motivation can do to an otherwise outstanding performer. A person whose innovative ideas and energy drove the entire team to strive for success, suddenly transformed into a sluggish robot going through the motions of the daily chore called work!

Do we really think?

12 Sep 2006
Posted by Kiran

I am a part of the not-so-old-yet IT culture that has been sweeping across India lately. There is no way we can call IT a new phenomenon in India, not any more at-least. However, can we really say that IT has been here for ages? No, not yet.