Chaltha Hai

Posted by Kiran

It is no secret that what happens on the Indian roads is best described as controlled chaos. Expecting orderly traffic while driving in India is probably not the best idea. I have driven in India since 1994; even then, each time I go abroad and return, it takes me a while to get used to the kind of driving witnessed in India.

I read somewhere that driving in India is basically pointing your vehicle in the general direction you want to go and stepping on the accelerator — and hoping to god that you don't get hit by something. That description quite summarizes what drivers in India go through every day.

Here are a few points about Indian driving and Indians that everyone who wishes to visit India and possibly drive here should know.

Posted by Kiran

Sometime back, I wrote about how we should be prepared to say "No". Well apparently that made for interesting reading for a colleague of mine who is from Eastern Europe. She immediately pointed out that saying "No" was second nature to people elsewhere on the globe. However, for Indians it seems like a big deal. She went on to say that when Indians commit to doing something, it usually cannot be relied on. We Indians tend to say "Yes" to everything, even when we aren't really sure of being able to deliver on that commitment.