Keeping India safe

07 Aug 2009
Posted by Kiran

Last weekend I took some time to watch two of Indian Cinema's finest actors, Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah, together in a very intriguing film

A Wednesday! starts off with the Mumbai Police commissioner (played by Kher) receiving a call from a supposed terrorist (Shah). The terrorist informs him that 5 bombs have been planted around Mumbai and unless four extremist masterminds are brought to a specified location, thousands of innocent lives would be lost - a typical scenario of terrorism holding the state to ransom.

Posted by Kiran

"Mujhe badla chahiye Sarkar" cries an old man. A command is given with a gentle glance and mere eye contact sets the ball rolling. The next thing you know is justice has been done - limb for a limb, life for a life.

For those of you who are fans of the Bachchans the above plot description may sound familiar. Yes, it is my attempt to describe the initial sequences from the recent Hindi movie "Sarkar". The power exuded by the characters in this movie, Subhash Nagre and later on in the film Shankar Nagre too, is simply phenomenal! The movie may be inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's timeless classic "The Godfather", but is the story believable in the Indian setting? Oh yes, very.