Posted by Kiran

I have never been good with Kids. If I am to be honest, I have always viewed them as a nuisance that had to be tolerated. To a certain extent, babies and young kids intimidate me. Their behavior and emotions are a puzzle to me - things I just couldn't get my head around. I never could understand why young children insisted on bawling at the top of their lungs in a crowded bus or plane, in the dead of the night, making life hell not only for themselves and their parents, but also for everybody else around.

Kids, for me, have always been people to be kept at one arms length if not more.

Posted by Kiran

It has been a very long break for me. I guess I just got tired of writing for a while. I went into the old writer's block mode and did not quite find myself in the mood to write or even think about anything.

During this time, quite a lot has happened as well. The best of it was when Savi happened to me. Savi is the name of my daughter who was born two months back. She is a beauty, a princess!! (“Savi” means ‘sweet’ in my mother tongue – Kannada)

I have always wondered how it would be to have a kid. Another human being who is one part you – your creation! I know now. My life has changed after Savi. It has changed a lot and I don't regret these changes. Infact, I am enjoying them. Each day I spend quite a while talking to my wife about how Savi is getting along and what we are going to do for her. My personal life seems to now revolve around her and I am enjoying the merry-go-round.