Tiger! Tiger!

19 Jun 2011
Posted by Kiran

As we drove through the Bandipur Forest in the safari jeep, the mood was getting increasingly desperate. We hadn't sighted a thing! On the safari the previous day, a lady in the seat behind me had been yapping off as though there was going to be no tomorrow and whatever chances we had had of sighting any wildlife, diminished with her high-pitch, high-volume voice regularly piercing through the forest. We pinned our exasperation on her and requested a more private safari for our next day.

Today we were on our own and yet, things had gone from bad to worse. Even with the lady's continuous commentary, we had managed to see a family of elephants yesterday. Today we hadn't even seen a langur! It was like the light rain had driven every animal into some secret hiding spot deep within the jungle.

At each fork on our trail through the forest, with each turn we took, I found myself wondering "Are we taking the wrong turn? What if there is an animal just beyond the line-of-sight on the path we aren't taking?" Turn after turn we saw only wet trees and muddy puddles.

After having fruitlessly driven through the forest for more than an hour and a half we had all but given up hope of seeing any wildlife. It was then that our luck changed.

Posted by Kiran
Nagarahole Wildlife Reserve
Nagarahole Wildlife Reserve

Recently, I got the opportunity to visit two of Karnataka's well known Wildlife destinations: first, as a birthday present to me, my wife planned a day visit to the Dubare Elephant camp; second, we decided to take a break from the work schedules and head off to the Nagarahole Wildlife Reserve.

Both outings were planned spontaneously via Jungle Lodges & Resorts (JLR) and turned out to be extremely enjoyable; we came back thoroughly refreshed and elated.

This blog post is to share our experience as well as some of the pictures I managed to click on these trips.

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2010 has not been a great year for photography. Though I did get many shots, and many good ones at that, I must say that this was the year in which Photography took a backseat. I can blame it on my move back to India; an unpredictable work schedule, difficulty getting around and slow broadband connection did not help.

However, I did get my camera out of its bag time and again and got some shots. Here are the ones I consider my favorites from among the photographs I clicked in 2010. You can click on the image to go to the original gallery where the image was hosted. Feel free to provide a rating for the image in its gallery and leave a comment.

Isle of Wight

10 Apr 2010
Posted by Kiran
Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight is a small island to the south of mainland England. Accessible by ferries, the island is a picturesque holiday destination. Any tourist will immediately be awestruck by the natural beauty of this place.

Though this was our third stint in the UK we had never, before now, been able to make it to this island. Given that, we took the opportunity over this Easter weekend to make the trip to Isle of Wight. Since the island is a small one and we had ample time on our hands, we were assured that the holiday will be a relaxed get together with friends and the kids.

The planning for the trip began more than a month and half in advance. There were a lot of things to coordinate: travel, stay, sightseeing, entertainment for the kids, and most importantly food!

Shooting Snow

07 Jan 2010
Posted by Kiran

Croydon, the place I stay in London, got nearly 6 inches of snow today. As was expected train services were disrupted with only minimal services running this morning.

Given that on a normal day I take an hour and half to get to work, I decided that it was best if I worked from home today given all the snow-caused disruption. The morning was fairly busy with emails pouring in as usual. However, towards the afternoon, the load tapered off giving me some time to nip out of the house and click some shots of the snow covered neighborhood.

Here are some of the shots that I got today.

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In the year 2009, I have had many opportunities to click, what I thought were, good photographs. Hence, it might be a good time to look back on all those photographs and select my favorites.

Here are the photographs that I consider my favorites. You can click on the image to go to the original gallery where the image was hosted. Feel free to provide a rating for the image in its gallery and leave a comment.

Surrey Hills...

18 Jun 2009
Posted by Kiran

Travel has been a passion for both wife and I. However, life back in India is usually too busy and tiring that we rarely venture out. Travelling usually only means visiting relatives or attending functions.

Life in UK is quite different. Here, we usually have a network of close friends that we cling on to. Here is a group of similar aged people all with similar circumstances, interests and needs.

We too have such a network of friends. The fun part of having this circle of friends is the spontaneity it brings into our lives. For instance, there have been numerous occasions wherein friends have just dropped in and we've ended up planning something fun together. One such plan that we executed recently was a trip to Surrey Hills.

As usual this plan of ours was a very spontaneous one. The previous night we had no clue that we would be going on a drive the next day. The plan "just happened".